Sun Yat-Sen Memorial House—澳門國父紀念館

In June, 2007, A-Mao was enjoying the Dragon Boat Festival in Macau. Before climbing the Guia Hill for Guia Fortress, the World Heritage Site, I came across the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial House, which is not introduced by my guidebook. Well, he is the Father of Taiwan (ROC) as well as Chain (PRC), and there is free of charge. I had no reason not to visit it.


The keynote of the decoration is humble. The "Zhi Nan Xing Yi" (knowing is difficult, but acting is easy) should be written by Dr. Sun. Each time a trouble was in front of me in Macau, this maxim encouraged me although the results were not always good.


This wood set of furniture with marble top is carved very well. I like that table so much because it could be separated. Must be very easy to move and store. As years pass by, the antique is shining history.


The "Li Yun Da Tong" (great harmony) was signed and stamped by Dr. Sun, but a Mr. Zhang indicated that it is a real handwriting at the end! It reminded me of a Chinese idiom: to rejoin the ermine with dog's tail.


The Ruins of St. Paul's—大三巴牌坊