By the World Heritage Pass issued by Tobu Railway for foreigners only, I went to "Ryuuoukyou" (or Ryuokyo). The meaning is Dragon King Valley, and it sounds so attractive to me. However, the last station of Tobu Railway is Shin-Fujiwara Station, which is next to Ryuuoukyou Station operated by Yagan Railway. Well, A-Mao did not mind working around to save money. After leaving Shin-Fujiwara Station, asking for direction and strolling for a while, I easily found this guidepost. Just one kilometer. A piece of cake!


It is not a lonely kilometer. While my iPod finished Prokofiev's Piano Concerto No. 3 (Maestro: Kun-Woo Paik), I arrived and looked down at the valley. The dramatic drop height predicted it would be an exhausted climbing. On the way to the bottom, the waterfall was making a long crescendo.


The scenery is part of White Dragon Valley. There are Blue Dragon Valley & Purple Dragon Valley also—I started blaming me for this unprepared plan as well as getting out late in Kinugawa that morning. In lonesome March, on beetling rocks stands the sober Dragon King Shrine confronted by the Rainbow Viewing Bridge & the Rainbow Viewing Waterfall.


There is a Harp Waterfall, too. For me, it is so hard to tell what the relationship is between this cascade and a harp. My explanation is that it sounds like a harp. How about yours?


Later I had to go to Nikkou for unfinished visit, and Koos from Holland was waiting in Shinjuku that night. Therefore, this is the farthest spot during this trip, and I took the latest picture on the opposite side of this river. Then, the return journey is really “a piece of cake” for me because I hate to eat desserts.


The World Heritage Pass—世界遗产通票