Mul Naengmyeon—水冷麵的冰火五重天

When it comes to cold noodles in East Asia, I experienced three already: Taiwanese type with sesame source, Soba mainly served with dashi in Japan and Mul Naengmyeon in Korea, a cold soup with the noodles contained in broth and the boiled egg, meat & vegetables added. In fact, there is the other variety called Bibim Naengmyeon, served as more of a salad in a spicy dressing, but my guess for my tong the free kimchi is enough.


Jinhae is famous for its annual festival on white cherry blossom grown during the Japanese occupation period. Before leaving this beautiful harbor, I ordered one mul naengmyeon in a BBQ restaurant. It was so hard to chew that sooner or latter a nice waitress bought a specialized pair of scissors and cut the noodles. Very appetizing in the summer.
Suwan is near by Seoul, and there is a World Heritage, Hwaseong, took me a whole afternoon for climbing. After that, my body ordered mul naengmyeon again and then I found this one, much spicier than the former. However, both are as balanced as delicious because the latter was added some ices.