Business Twin of Toyoko Inn—東橫Inn商務雙人房

For budget travelers, Toyoko Inn is good value, clean and mostly at good location. A-Mao loves traveling abroad even though it is mainly for business. After doing team works in the daytime, however, I don’t like to accompany the other male colleague in a twin room at night, especially when we finished all topics to talk. And, sometimes we had no choice but a double room! Thanks God for that I & engineer R encountered “business twin” of Toyoko Inn in 2007. As soon as I opened its door, surprisingly, another door was in front of me—it seems to be against Chinese Feng Shui, and we happily noticed it is a toilet almost separating the room. There are two beds, two desks, two TVs, two air conditions, you name it. Both of us had basic private space, and the best is that the cost is the same as a normal twin. Those having “business twin” I know: Tokyo Kamata Higashi-guchi, Kyoto Shijo-Omiya, Shin-Osaka Chuo-guchi Honkan & Shin-Osaka Chuo-guchi Shinkan.

想必與同性同事出過差的人都知道,在安排住宿時為了幫公司省錢,通常兩個人會睡一間雙人房。訂得到twin room還好,一人一張單人床;在碰到假期和商展的時候,特定的地區及飯店有double room能睡就該偷笑了。在寸土寸金的東京與大阪,飯店房間又特別的狹窄;在經過白天形影不離的相處後,休息時還要雞犬相聞;除非兩個人都很會攪豬屎,到最後話題聊光,還真讓人囧到不行。很幸運地,在2007年讓A-Mao和R同學終於在大阪,發現東橫Inn有一種business twin:一開房門那一瞬間,赫然又看到另一扇門(這似乎犯了中國風水的忌諱);打開之後才知道原來裡面是浴室。位在房間中央的浴室,兩旁分別有獨立的床鋪、桌子、電視、冰箱、空調以及其他該有的設備;這樣的空間設計,提供了相當程度的個人隱私,我們兩個都非常喜歡。最棒的是,價格竟等同一般的twin!已知有business twin的:東京蒲田東口、京都四條大宮、新大阪中央口本舘以及新大阪中央口新舘。【东横Inn商务双人房】

Free breakfast of Toyoko Inn—東橫Inn免鋃早餐