It was my second time visiting Unamaru, a 9-seat restaurant specializing in kabayaki eel in the Omoide-Yokochou. Not only is the location near by Shinjuku Station, but its price is also cost-efficient. Their cultivated eels are delivered daily and directly from Yoshida, Shizuoka, in which cultivators are fighting against their compatriots in Aichi, and, of course, Taiwanese & Chinese. However, the restaurant's suppliers' marketing strategy is to highlight that their eels are fed with waste from fisheries processing factories nearby so that theirs are more nutritious & flavorful.


Tried their unadon served in a bowl before, I ordered unajuu served in a box as well as grilled eel liver, which took time a little bit longer. A-Mao had unajuu waiting for a while in order to take a photo with all his meal. Rice is still rich and boxed with tender kabayaki eel & its crispy tail; meanwhile, grilled liver dressed with some shichimi plays an important supporting role. Ah! Umai!



Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building—東京都庁舎

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  1. Umai? that was goood!
    I have never been to here.
    next time, I will try to have unadon at this restrant.

  2. To Ayakomame,

    Yes, it is a good restaurant providing umai unadon & unaju. Will go to there again.