The Memorandum, a Great Duet—「備忘錄」:大きい二重奏

On 27th of December, A-Mao and his family went to Taipei National University of the Arts to see L'Aide Memoire, The Memorandum, of Jean-Claude Carriere. This play features two characters only and takes about 80 minutes. I guess it is very difficult to give interpretation. Ridiculous plot is started from a wordy and trustless lady, performed by Miss Lu, forces herself into a successful but weird guy, performed by Mr. Zhang, who writes down the profiles of all the women who run in his life. After various, countless reactions of love, the melody in the beginning, the woman entering the man’s space, appears in inversion form in the end, the man leaving woman’s space. This great duet is deeply touching! Though it is not a perfect performance, the two actors’ future is expectable.


A Corner of TNUA—北藝大一角