Megachef's Fish Sauce—百萬主廚的魚露

During Ultracker's 2008 company travel in Thailand, A-Mao started sampling fish sauce on most tables we sat at. In the beginning, its slightly stinking smell somewhat scared me. After a few ice-breaking tests, I noticed that its aroma & taste is so lovely! At a supermarket in Pattaya, this Megachef Premium Fish Sauce is the most expensive one but costs just 17 Baht for a 200cc glass bottle. And I took three! In my home, I like to scald some water spinach, chop a little chili and mix them with the fish sauce only. Um......I seemed to be in the Thai sunlight again.

話說08年,艾創到泰國員工旅遊,懼怕魚腥味A-Mao,開始嘗試幾乎餐餐都有的魚露。一開始,還真是覺得有點臭臭的;但是到後來,深深愛上它而不可自拔。在芭達雅的一家超市內,最最昂貴的Megachef Premium Fish Sauce(百萬主廚優質魚露),200cc玻璃瓶裝也才17泰鋃而已;沒想太多,帶走三瓶。現在在家,我喜歡燙些空心菜、切條小辣椒、再加些這百萬主廚級的魚露攪拌……嗯!感覺好像又來到泰國的陽光下。【 百万主厨优质鱼露】

Buddha Mountain, Khao Chee Chan—七珍佛山