Pepper Lunch—胡椒廚房

In deep autumn, 2007, I went to Nagoya with Rex. After putting luggage at Toyoko Inn in the afternoon, we decided to walk around. According to this travel map, seeing that the Nagoya Castle is so close to the JR Nagoya Station, I proposed that we should go to the former on foot. Big Mistake! Coldly, it took one hour more on clean streets, and the castle was closed when we arrived. In the front of the gigantic gate, we made an appointment to come here again by subway if there is a chance.


Tired we had dinner at Pepper Lunch emitting attractive aroma of beef & butter. I picked pepper steak. The raw steak with fine veins of fat & vegetables was placed on a hot metal plate. I poured some mix sauce, had my Hida beef (I guessed) very rare, and, with rice, joyfully tasted tender & juicy steak, which is so unforgettable! Recently, however, I found out Pepper Lunch is a chain restaurant using Australian beef indeed, and there are branches in Taiwan & the other countries already.

當天的晚餐,是在ペッパーランチ(胡椒廚房)解決;因為疲累的我們,無法拒絕店內一直發散的牛肉與奶油香氣。我點的是ペッパーステーキ(胡椒牛排),炙熱的鐵板上還有四季豆、紅蘿蔔與大量的綠豆芽。淋些綜合螿汁在油花如霜降的牛排上,瞬間蒸氣香味四溢。約三分熟,我便把肉放在豆芽上,滿心歡喜地就著白飯,品嚐這也許是產自飛騨的和牛。那外熟內生、滋潤甜美的牛肉,真是讓人當時咀嚼再三、事後又回味難忘。不過,囧的是,近來才發現:原來Pepper Lunch不是用國產,而是用澳洲產的牛肉;在台灣、還有世界各國也早已有了分店嚕!【對岸的店名翻譯:Pepper Lunch—>排扒浪骑XD】

Nagoya Castle—名古屋城

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  1. 這家店源自大阪,在菲律賓也有分店。菲律賓還有假的。

  2. 我喜歡他DIY的概念:當時動手時,儘可能只讓肉的表面煎熟就好;不過菲律賓人應該會做成又乾又焦的吧?