The Taste of NTPU—台北大學的滋味


The A-Mao is missing siu laap (or siu mei ) of 香港家鸿 (Hong Kong Jia-Hong) so much because its fantastic taste was accompanying his college life at NTPU (National Taipei University). These days, he told about this store with You & Ling, his classmates before and now a couple having an adorable girl, and Yun, a member of NTPU Winds Orchestra also. And all of them have the same, inerasable memory. This is rice with roasted chicken leg, Ling's beloved one, which looks so great, whereas A-Mao's most favorite is rice with roasted duck & crispy roasted pork. Cantonese-speaking chefs provide the other delicious Cantonese cuisines, too; however, the only drawback is that rice would be out of control on occasion.



Hong Kong Jia-Hong in Taipei—台北的香港家鴻

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  1. i used to go there often when I was working in Gongguan many years ago.

  2. So which plate is your favorite?