Recommendation from Petekobe—北方麵飯館


Mao likes the trilingual blog of Petekobe and is very interested in which Taiwanese food is fit for this Japanese guy, who rarely enjoys the smell & taste of stinky tofu. Petekobe highly recommends 北方面饭馆 (literally north noodle & rice store), and A-Mao was curious whether or not it is definitely good to eat, in terms of a local point of view. Well, the sour and hot soup a little bit seemed like the bowl in his childhood. Regarding the beef roll, A-Mao was touched beyond words! Perfect harmony of pancake, stewed beef, sweet noodle sauce & spring onion. Hmm……there is no border among gourmet, but the language barrier.



North Noodle & Rice Store—北方麵飯館

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