The Kakiage of Shoueitei—松栄亭のかきあげ

"I Am a Cat" is one of novels that A-Mao bought but hasn't been finished reading. The author, Natsume Souseki, appeared on the 1,000 yen bill before, and he loved the Kakiage of Shoueitei, which is an old Western-style restaurant in Kanda. The novelist's favorite was ordered then, whereas the locals did not but went for omuraisu and korokke mainly. This dish smells fantastic, but it is so tasteless that soy sauce & mustard is must. Really hard to tell whether it is delicious or not. Even though interesting, the first & last time to savor it.


The Shoueitei in Kanda—神田の松栄亭

2 則留言:

  1. This is kakiage?
    Doesn't look like it at all.
    What Tokyoites usually think of as kakiage is what you get at tempura places like Funabashi.
    This one looks more like tontatsu or some kind of 洋食.

    In my opinion, there aren't so many tasty things in Japan compared with Taiwan. What locals say is nice in Japan usually tastes like MSG only.

  2. Yeah, it is Yohu Kakiage and Natsume Souseki's beloved dish......

    A-Mao agrees with you partly because he likes sushi, tenpura, soba & omuraisu so much.