Orthodox GUI—啥叫GUI?

Ultracker, a H.264 stand-alone DVR manufacturer in Taiwan, has designed a unique display chipset that offers 64-layer overlap to supply full color graphical user interface (GUI), unlike text user interface (TUI). Therefore, the monitor can vividly reproduce a variety of graphics; in addition, customers could also have exclusive, customized ones. This photo was taken at Big Sight.

每每看到各家DVR廠商在spec上標榜有GUI(graphical user interface);然而實際操作一看,介面實在是陽春的可憐,太唬爛!有些應該叫TUI(text user interface)才對。艾創的H.264 DVR,能做到64層的全彩疊圖,也能提供客製化GUI的服務。這張是在Big Sight照的。

This picture was taken at Ultracker—這張在艾創照的

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  1. Do many people mistakingly think that you work for China Central Television?

  2. XD! Not at all! CCTV could be closed-circuit television as well.