Kanda Wise Ramen—神田ラーメンわいず

It was lightly snowing in Tokyo this March. Albeit it is strange, A-Mao's main duty was foraging then. Around Kanda Station of Yamanote Line, there are so many different restaurants that hard to pick one up. After walking around for quite a long time, it is impossible for him to reject the half boiled egg on the billboard of Kanda Wise Ramen (神田ラーメンわいず). Seaweed ramen was selected, and one bowl of rice was ordered also because that Japanese ramen is extremely salty and it is so strength-consuming while doing business trip alone. The shouyu-tonkotsu soup with aroma from oceans was really impressive. Tender & juicy chashu was not worse than yummy half boiled egg. The rice was finished, and N cups of water was finished; nevertheless, there remained quite a lot of soup because it is salty Stupidly.


Snowing in Kanda, Tokyo—東京神田下著雪

2 則留言:

  1. Owners of some ramen shops in Japan scold you if you don't finish the soup.

    And some Japanese customers are satisfied as long as you give them an unlimited supply of salt, soy sauce, sugar and MSG.

    I like your expression "strength-consuming"!!! 真的很吃力。

  2. Thanks God for that this shop would not reprimand customers not to finish soup. Thanks for your comments as well.