Matsumotoro in Big Sight—Big Sight松本楼

Security Show at Big Sight in March is the Japan's largest exhibition for security & safety industry. Compared with it last year, the scale this year is small, and stream of people is not growing. Because of Financial Tsunami! Anyway, A-Mao went to Matsumotorou in Hibiya Park before and got a nice experience in 2008. This time he visited its branch in Big Sight and chose beloved omuraisu. Though the omelet was a little bit overdone, with hashed beef sauce—better than the head store, the whole plate was very enjoyable. Maybe to taste Matsumotoro has become his must when tripping in Japan.

每年三月上旬在東京Big Sight的Security Show,是日本安全監控的一大盛事;跟往年比較起來,09年的規模小了很多,人潮似乎也有下滑的趨勢,金融大海嘯的影響,實在不容小覷!話說回來,與孫中山革命滿清頗有淵源的松本樓,在Big Sight也有分店。因為有08年在日比谷公園的本店之美好經驗,這次就近,A-Mao完成再嘗一次的心願,午餐點了オムレツライス・ハヤシソース(譯:蛋包飯佐燉牛肉醬)。蛋卷有些過熟,但燉牛肉醬比本店更出色,搭配番茄醬炒飯,除了有那麼點太鹹之外,非常好吃有味。A-Mao心想:也許品嚐松本楼,已經成為他在日本差旅時的一個傳統。


Matsumotorou in Big Sight—ビッグサイトの松本楼

2 則留言:

  1. 這跟台灣的蚵仔煎、油飯,那個比較好吃?

  2. 都很好吃;不過A-Mao偏愛蛋包飯。