Atago Rokusuke—愛宕六助【閉店】

A-Mao is still uncertain when he will not lose himself in Tokyo, a maze that even locals cannot show ways to where you want to go. One night he was a gourmet guide for Miss Y & K, K said that she would like to sample ramen. Well, although a map was printed, and there is a ramen store we hasn't visited on it, A-Mao was afraid of getting lost, especially for that it was raining and we had no umbrella. Lucky that we went to Atago Rokusuke (愛宕六助) directly from Shinbashi Station. Their concept is tonkotsu, thin straight noodles goes well with the rich, milky broth, and the chashu is as delicate as juicy. During dinner time or on Saturday—off on Sunday, in addition, the first beverage, including beer, is free; besides, up to 2 nigiri (or rice ball) is without charge. If A-Mao had not just finished one plate of curry, he would have asked for 2 nigiri to make a delicious porridge. Very good cooking in its category!



A-Mao's Star in Shinbashi—新橋中的一顆星

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  1. Hi, Anderson,

    The dish is served hot. Very nice to eat!

  2. Don't you think 台南擔仔麵 is much better?
    Japanese ramen is too salty for me.
    And they use a lot of 鹼水 in their noodles as well.

  3. Yeah, most of Japanese ramen is extremely salty, but one of my customers touch the following request in Japanese which means that "please make the soup weak".

    (Suupu o usume ni shite kudasai)

    By the way, A-Mao likes 台南擔仔麵 as well. As long as there is no MSG.

  4. If you love MSG. You should love Japanese ramen. That's what it is made of!

    Many Japanese people feel that noodle soups in Taiwan are not salty enough. And they feel weird that nobody in Taiwan eat noodles with white rice or fried rice.

    At some Japanese ramen shops in Taipei, they automatically make the soup saltier when they see a Japanese customer.

    Another difference is that many Japanese people dislike noodles with too many 料 inside.

    Some owners of Japanese ramen shops gets angry and scold customers if they see them adding some condiments to their ramen. they think theirs is the best and customers who don't appreciate it are not worth to eat their ramen.

    One thing I like about Taiwan is that they just lets you eat the way you like.

  5. Thanks a lot for information. Now A-Mao has realized that why he likes light tonkotsu type only. It is better we can add as much condiment as possible to dishes in front of us. Food is made by chef, but we are tasters.