The First-Night Story of One Thousand and One Nights

The story says that as brave as clever Scheherazade, the vizier's daughter, met the virgin-killer Sultan first time.
‘I cannot see sunrise tomorrow anyway. My one-night husband, my forever king. May I tell a story for you?’ she lingeringly said.
‘OK! OK! But as soon as you can!’ strong and nude Sultan lay on the bed and said pettishly,
Beautiful Scheherazade, then, sat down on the bed and was telling leisurely……

Long long time ago, in Baghdad, there were three slave girls washing clothes and talking by the Tigris River.
‘When could you open your mouth widest?’ one of them suddenly asked.
‘When I am eating the master’s food behind his back.’ The first girl said hastily.
Subsequently, the other two were scolding her.
‘When I am singing for the master.’ the second girl said proudly.
Subsequently, the other two were asking her for techniques.
‘When I’m serving the master.’ the last girl said bashfully.
Subsequently, there were lots of jealous expressions from the other two’s eyes.

Accordingly, beautiful Scheherazade told stories for one thousand and one nights, and then those stories become a masterpiece, a frame story, the “Scheherazade”.

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