Largo do Lilau—阿婆井前地

A folk song was being sung: One who drinks from Lilau never forgets Macau. If he doesn't get married here, he will leave far and return again. The Portuguese meaning of Lilau is mountain spring, whereas it sounds like grandmother's well in Chinese. The Lilau Square is one of foremost Portuguese settlements in Macau. Due to its old architectures, it was listed as a world culture heritage site in 2005.

昔日有民謠傳唱:喝過阿婆井水,忘不掉澳門;要麼在澳門成家,要麼遠別重來。 阿婆井的葡文意義是山泉,這阿婆井前地,是葡萄牙 人早期的聚落之一。因為其古舊建築與歐陸風情,於2005年,被列入聯合國世界文化遺產。

In fact, my main reason to travel in Macau is that this tiny area has up to 25 world culture heritage sites—about 3 times bigger than Taiwan, South Korea has 7 sites only. In the meantime, I had a question: Why Taiwanese have no one? In the Eva Airline cabin back to Taiwan, I finally came up with the answer: because of China's bullying, we are not allowed to return to the UN. In Taiwan, of course, here is no world culture heritage site administered by UNESCO. Anyway, in the first and last European colony in China, each street corner could be a surprise.


Oh, the dogs there are so lucky! Walking in the South European atmosphere, they also have exclusive WC. The dog keepers are so lucky as well because they do not have to take care of their dogs' waste. Hmmm......I was wondering whether it could be a big cat litter box.


See! A-Mao's Tiffany envied Macanese dogs so much that she got angry and then fainted.


Grandmothers in Lilau Square—阿婆們在阿婆井前地