Way to Use Bird's-Nest Fern—山蘇的妙用


Shoots of bird's-nest fern is as delicious as healthy; besides, it is a good garnishment. This is fried rice with smoked duck surfing on green waves.



Medusa: rice with fried gluten & shiitake in soy sauce decorated by scalded bird’s nest fern.


大谷渡り—Bird's Nest Fern—鳥巢蕨【山苏】


TCO on 2009/04/25: Lu’s Magic Bow—魔弓傳奇

Lu Siqing & Taipei Chinese Orchestra at the Zhongshan Hall delivered one marvelous night of violin concerto. The color of sounds of Sarasate’s Zigeunerweisen & Carmen Fantasy accompanied by TCO is a little bit weird, but Lu is a really magic virtuoso, and this brand-new experience is not bad. “Abendlied eines Fischers” (or Fishers’ Nocturne) almost made A-Mao cry not only because Lu played well but also because it is the encore piece when he was a member of the Youth Band of China Youth Corps participating in WASBE 1997 conference in Schladming, Austria, and it made the other teams stand up and clap. By the way, looking forward to WASBE 2011 conference in Chiayi, Taiwan.

呂思清與台北市立國樂團,在音響其乾無比的中山堂中正廳,為我們帶來動人的小提琴協奏曲之夜。上半場的「流浪者之歌」與「卡門幻想曲」由國樂團來伴奏;坦白說,第一次聽國樂的A-Mao覺得整體音樂的色澤有些奇怪。17歲就獲得帕格尼尼小提琴大賽金獎的呂思清演奏薩拉薩蒂的眩技曲目遊刃有餘、魅力不凡;但是,紹恩與北市國其實有些疏失,不過還算是個新奇且不錯的聆賞體驗。反而是「漁舟唱晚」,讓A-Mao忍不住熱淚盈框。不只因為琴聲優美,也因為想起1997年在奧地利Schladming、與「幼獅管樂團」參加WASBE年會,博得其他國家團隊起立鼓掌的安可曲,正是漁舟唱晚。又、WASBE 2011在台灣嘉義,還真另人期待啊!

Hong Kong novelist Lilian Lee wrote: This is so-called love. Among 10 million people about, there would be only one couple of Liang Zhu could be transformed into a pair of butterflies. The others would not be turned into butterflies but moths, mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies, beetles......(XD). Love is not as beautiful as you imagine. Nevertheless, the most beautiful one is Butterfly Lovers' Violin Concerto. Compared with Western orchestra version, it is far more Chinese to accompany by a Chinese orchestra—is it wordy? Lu was expressing this love legend perfectly & touchingly. And, A-Mao cried because of the romantic but sad duet of “farewell for eighteen miles” played by solo violin, Zhu Yingtai, & Principle Gehu, Liang Shanbo. In the end, the audience went crazy! There were three encores: Saint-Saens’ Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso, Monti’s Csardas & one unknown solo piece. Bravo, bravo & bravo!

香港小說家李碧華在「恨也需要動用感情」中,有箇長短句寫得好。這便是愛情:大概一千萬人之中,才有一雙梁祝,才可以化蝶。其他的只化為蛾、蚊蚋、蟑螂、蒼蠅、金龜子……,就是化不成蝶XD。並無想像中美麗。回到正題:下半場最美麗動人的,正是「梁祝小提琴協奏曲」。比起西方管弦樂團,由國樂團來伴奏,還特別有味道(謎之聲:啊好像是廢話);呂思清的情緒澎湃豐沛,完美敘述梁祝這段愛情故事;在「十八相送」一段,還讓A-Mao感動到飆淚。曲畢,滿場聽眾簡直是抓狂!因此連演三首安可:Saint-Saens的Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso、Monti的 Csardas(還真芭樂XD)、以及一首不知名的小提琴獨奏,全都好聽到掉渣。【魔弓传奇】

Zhongshan Hall in Taipei—台北公會堂


Liu Shan Dong Noodle Shop—劉山東小吃店


Before finishing travels or business trips abroad, always thinking of visiting Liu-Shan-Dong Noodle Shop to eat a bowl of beef soup noodles (without stewed beef). The mouthfeel of thin noodles is nicely firm—they provide thick ones also, rich beef soup is not oily, and garlic sprouts makes aroma more distinguished. A-Mao’s way to taste is to enjoy the 1st third in the origin, the 2nd third with some suan-cai (or Chinese sauerkraut), and the final third with a dash of dou-chi (or fermented black beans). And then the tongue would be like surfing on waves.



劉 (Liu)
劉 (Liu) 山 (Shan) 東 (Dong)
東 (Dong)




Huoshao Gangzitou—火烧杠子头

Hsu Pan Fried Stuffed Dumplings—許記生煎包


Fell in love with Hsu-Ji sheng-jian-bao, or pan fried stuffed mantou, more than 10 yeas before, A-Mao was a high school student, and then 3 pieces cost 10 NTD. Before leaving the R.O.C Air Force Band, he presented it to the other brothers in the army, and then 5 pieces took 20 NTD. Now, under financial tsunami, 5 pieces cost 30 NTD! The price is always increasing. But things not changed are thin bun dough, crunchy bottom, aromatic sauteed sesame, juicy stuff made from cabbage & pork as well as a crowd of buyers. Hsu sheng-jian-bao was inlaid into A-Mao's memory at random and is his old lover. Sometimes both of them would be in a flood of people to think of passing time.



番号札を取る—To take a number—去抽號碼牌吧




When it comes to delicacies near by Ultracker, 巧合珍 (Qiao-He-Zhen) is the 2nd to none! Even choosy honcho A could not pick fault before……Anyway, this store distinguishes itself by flavor of Chinese herbal medicine, and you can smell it from far away. The chili pomace oil with rare aroma of nuts on the table is not too hot but outstanding and goes so well with noodles & lou mei. Beef soup noodles (without stewed beef which is overcooked) & lou mei seasoned by lots of spring onion is highly recommended.





Recommendation from Petekobe—北方麵飯館


Mao likes the trilingual blog of Petekobe and is very interested in which Taiwanese food is fit for this Japanese guy, who rarely enjoys the smell & taste of stinky tofu. Petekobe highly recommends 北方面饭馆 (literally north noodle & rice store), and A-Mao was curious whether or not it is definitely good to eat, in terms of a local point of view. Well, the sour and hot soup a little bit seemed like the bowl in his childhood. Regarding the beef roll, A-Mao was touched beyond words! Perfect harmony of pancake, stewed beef, sweet noodle sauce & spring onion. Hmm……there is no border among gourmet, but the language barrier.



North Noodle & Rice Store—北方麵飯館


Excellent Gingers in Taiwan—台灣的優秀生薑

Dongyan Mountain in December—十二月的東眼山

A ginger field in the mountain—山中的薑園

Come closer: busy harvesting—靠近點,收穫忙

It is one of excellent gingers in Taiwan, which is as beautiful as giant. Because it grew in high-altitude Dongyan Mountain, the texture is so hard that you can use it as a blunt object to kill someone.


The left is a choosy ginger distributor, Mr. Huang, and the right is a little bit famous farmer as well as A-Mao’s father, Mr. Li. Both of them closed a deal in 2008.


One Vietnamese girl smiles sweetly—陽光燦爛越南妹


The Taste of NTPU—台北大學的滋味


The A-Mao is missing siu laap (or siu mei ) of 香港家鸿 (Hong Kong Jia-Hong) so much because its fantastic taste was accompanying his college life at NTPU (National Taipei University). These days, he told about this store with You & Ling, his classmates before and now a couple having an adorable girl, and Yun, a member of NTPU Winds Orchestra also. And all of them have the same, inerasable memory. This is rice with roasted chicken leg, Ling's beloved one, which looks so great, whereas A-Mao's most favorite is rice with roasted duck & crispy roasted pork. Cantonese-speaking chefs provide the other delicious Cantonese cuisines, too; however, the only drawback is that rice would be out of control on occasion.



Hong Kong Jia-Hong in Taipei—台北的香港家鴻