Lan Castle & Kingwave

Recently, one customer said that there is a good H.246 DVR maker providing competitive price in China, this company is called Lan Castle, and the logo is AN-TONE. After accessing their live demo, users have to install a software designed by Kingwave in Taiwan.

一天客戶說大陸有一家廠商的H.264 DVR又好又便宜,中文名叫中山利堡、英文名叫Zhongshan Lan Castle 、logo為AN-TONE。連上他們的live demo,要求要灌Kingwave(台灣的晶暉科技)的軟體!

Not surprised that there was a camera monitoring one clock. H.264?



A-Xiu Traditional Qie-A Noodles—阿秀傳統切仔麵

Now 传统 (literally tradition) or 古早味 (literally taste of the old days) is one of keynotes of Taiwanese food industry, but it doesn’t mean definite delicacy. One afternoon in Wanhua (or Bangka), Taipei City's oldest district, A-Mao encountered A-Xiu Traditional Qie-A Noodles, which seems to be introduced by gourmet TV shows before. Seeing that there were many eaters, A-Mao ordered Qie-A Noodles & pork heart. Its biggest selling point is that noodles is traditionally 切 (literally to cut) into a pudding shape; but, the whole bowl is normally delicious. As for the pink pork heart, however, A-Mao really loves it. Really fresh, tender & juicy!



A-Xiu (Hide) Traditional Qie-A Noodles—阿秀(ヒデ)伝統切仔麺