日本航空大好き!第一に、機内食はこれまでに最高です。第二に、手荷物規則は厳しく実行されません。第三に、客室乗務員は心から親切です。 最後に、大部分のアルコール飲料は小さなカンまたはビンによって出されます。今度A-Maoは1本の可愛いガラスの月桂冠を受けました。このさけが辛口けれども、単独で飲む事はたくさんの楽しみです。

I like Japan Airlines so much. Firstly, their airline meal is the best I ever tasted. Secondly, baggage rules are not strictly executed. Thirdly, flight attendants are as kind as friendly. Finally, most of alcoholic beverages are served by a small can or bottle. This time I got a cute glass bottle of Gekkeikan sake. Though it is young and dry, savoring it alone is lots of fun.

日本航空—Japan Airlines


Pepper Lunch—胡椒廚房

In deep autumn, 2007, I went to Nagoya with Rex. After putting luggage at Toyoko Inn in the afternoon, we decided to walk around. According to this travel map, seeing that the Nagoya Castle is so close to the JR Nagoya Station, I proposed that we should go to the former on foot. Big Mistake! Coldly, it took one hour more on clean streets, and the castle was closed when we arrived. In the front of the gigantic gate, we made an appointment to come here again by subway if there is a chance.


Tired we had dinner at Pepper Lunch emitting attractive aroma of beef & butter. I picked pepper steak. The raw steak with fine veins of fat & vegetables was placed on a hot metal plate. I poured some mix sauce, had my Hida beef (I guessed) very rare, and, with rice, joyfully tasted tender & juicy steak, which is so unforgettable! Recently, however, I found out Pepper Lunch is a chain restaurant using Australian beef indeed, and there are branches in Taiwan & the other countries already.

當天的晚餐,是在ペッパーランチ(胡椒廚房)解決;因為疲累的我們,無法拒絕店內一直發散的牛肉與奶油香氣。我點的是ペッパーステーキ(胡椒牛排),炙熱的鐵板上還有四季豆、紅蘿蔔與大量的綠豆芽。淋些綜合螿汁在油花如霜降的牛排上,瞬間蒸氣香味四溢。約三分熟,我便把肉放在豆芽上,滿心歡喜地就著白飯,品嚐這也許是產自飛騨的和牛。那外熟內生、滋潤甜美的牛肉,真是讓人當時咀嚼再三、事後又回味難忘。不過,囧的是,近來才發現:原來Pepper Lunch不是用國產,而是用澳洲產的牛肉;在台灣、還有世界各國也早已有了分店嚕!【對岸的店名翻譯:Pepper Lunch—>排扒浪骑XD】

Nagoya Castle—名古屋城


DVRの山手線—Yamanote Line of DVR

山手線の便利のために、A-Maoは東京をよく知っているようになっています。この大きい迷宮で旅行している間、山手線なしでほとんど動く事が出来ません。UltrackerのDVRが多国言語のチャンネルタイトルをサポートした後、私が弊社の16チャンネルH.264 DVRによってこのJR線を表現するためにアイデアを出しました。十二の重要な駅は旋回し、山手線の名前はセンターで英語と漢字と平仮名と片仮名によって見えます。このアイデアはどうですか?【硬盘录像机的山手线】

Owing to convenience of the Yamanote Line, running as a wide loop, A-Mao is getting familiar with Tokyo. While traveling in this big labyrinth, I almost cannot move without it. After Ultracker's standalone DVR supported multilingual channel title, an extremely hard function for other manufacturers using turnkey chipset, I came up with an idea to express this JR line by our 16-channel H.264 DVR. 12 important stations circle in order, and the name of Yamanote-sen showed by English, Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana in the center. Well, most of my Japanese customers who are afraid of English were very impressed.

因為便利的山手線,逐漸開始熟悉東京這個城市。A-Mao在這個大迷宮內旅行時,沒有了這條黃綠色的環狀線,移動上頗為困難。當艾創16路H.264 DVR支援多國語言攝影機抬頭,便想到要用山手線來展示這個功能。線上十二個重要的車站依方位被排列在外框,中央鑲嵌山手線的英文(Yamanotesen)、漢字(山手線)、平假名(やまのてせん)和片假名(ヤマノテセン)。嗯,恐懼英文的日本客戶還滿驚豔喔!

ウグイス色の山手線—Greenish Yamanote Line


Megachef's Fish Sauce—百萬主廚的魚露

During Ultracker's 2008 company travel in Thailand, A-Mao started sampling fish sauce on most tables we sat at. In the beginning, its slightly stinking smell somewhat scared me. After a few ice-breaking tests, I noticed that its aroma & taste is so lovely! At a supermarket in Pattaya, this Megachef Premium Fish Sauce is the most expensive one but costs just 17 Baht for a 200cc glass bottle. And I took three! In my home, I like to scald some water spinach, chop a little chili and mix them with the fish sauce only. Um......I seemed to be in the Thai sunlight again.

話說08年,艾創到泰國員工旅遊,懼怕魚腥味A-Mao,開始嘗試幾乎餐餐都有的魚露。一開始,還真是覺得有點臭臭的;但是到後來,深深愛上它而不可自拔。在芭達雅的一家超市內,最最昂貴的Megachef Premium Fish Sauce(百萬主廚優質魚露),200cc玻璃瓶裝也才17泰鋃而已;沒想太多,帶走三瓶。現在在家,我喜歡燙些空心菜、切條小辣椒、再加些這百萬主廚級的魚露攪拌……嗯!感覺好像又來到泰國的陽光下。【 百万主厨优质鱼露】

Buddha Mountain, Khao Chee Chan—七珍佛山


Montagne d'Or—黃金山脈

Many years before, someone used a digital camera, which had not been popular yet, took a similar picture for me. I liked it but didn't appreciate it enough then......Mariage Freres' Montagne d'Or (or mountain of gold) has been one of my favorite beverages for almost ten years. It contains Chinese black tea, marigold, safflower and rose blossoms as well as pieces of papaya & apple to express a colorful image & symphonic flavor. A-Mao likes to soak some by cool water in a PET bottle in the refrigerator for one day, and it tastes so marvelous, especially in summer.

很久的從前,有個人,用那年頭還是不普遍的數位相機,拍了類似的照片給我;喜歡歸喜歡,但當時不是分外珍惜……已經近十年了,Mariage Freres的黃金山脈還是A-Mao最鍾愛的飲料之一:繽紛燦爛的顏色、與交響曲般的風味,是來自中國紅茶、金盞菊、紅花、玫瑰、蘋果和木瓜。我常用冷開水浸泡些在寶特瓶中、放在冰箱內冷藏一整天,滋味真是不凡;特別是在酷熱的夏天。【黄金山脉】

延伸閱讀:Mariage Freres白象紅茶

Montagne d'Or—モンターニュ・ドール「黄金の山」


Curry Maker: Karikaru—咖哩製造商:カリカル

In March, 2006, I & honcho A finished looking around Security Show and took the Yurikamome to Shinbashi. Before taking the Yamanote Line back to Shinjuku, we found this delicious curry bar—the best is that their fried oyster is crunch outside & soft inside. Accompanied with me, boss M in March, 2006, & engineer R in November, 2007, went to there, and both of them really enjoyed. In September, 2008, therefore, it was my forth time visiting this curry maker, Karikaru.

06年3月與A老大,參觀完在東京國際展示場的Security Show,搭乘海鷗線到新橋,要轉山手線的回新宿之前,在新橋站東口地下街內覓食,發現這家美味的咖哩店(搭配外酥內嫩的肥碩炸牡蠣,更是一絕)。在07年3月帶M老闆、與2007年11月帶R同學去,都說非常好吃。於是在08年9月,A-Mao第四度來到「カレーメーカー・カリカル」」(咖哩製造商:咖哩咖嚕)。

There was no fried oyster on the menu at that time so that A-Mao went for the most popular dish, the Indian curry. As usual, the rice was spread flatly on the plate, and curry was contained in an oil lamp-shape vessel. Various, aromatic taste complemented the rice spicily & excellently, but it is a pity there was too much potato & too little chicken. Now I am thinking: Why didn't I order a tonkatsu as a topping then?




View seen from the Yurikamome train—百合海鷗號外的風景