Rice in Love, Taikeng No. 9—金農米戀之台稉9號

Really thanks for an offer from the Council of Agriculture Taiwan & GozCafe. I got another chance to experience excellent, native rice. To love Taiwan is not like to say by DPP some politicos’ mouths. I do it by eating. ^^


This time I got two 600-gram, cubic packages, and their charming name is RICE IN LOVE. Tiffany is touched by the interracial love between black and white rices. XD

這次有黑糯紫米與台稉9號米各一台斤,為特殊的存氮脫氧包裝,胖嘟嘟的真可愛。A-Mao特別喜愛它們的英文名字:RICE IN LOVE。黑米跟白米跨越種族的戀情,連咱家妮妮也感受到了XD~

Frankly speaking, before I thought Japanese rice is more delicious than Taiwanese one. After encountering Taikeng No. 9, I totally changed my mind. They glitter like pearl, and mouthfeel is great. Ooh~~~I feel love♪

坦白說,過去覺得稻米還是日本的比較好吃:握壽司的米、天婦羅下的米、蛋包飯內的米……但是吃了台稉9號後,A-Mao完完全全改觀了。煮好後的米飯,閃耀著如珍珠般的光澤;飯粒的黏性佳、口感有彈性。Ooh~~~I feel love♪

Taikeng No. 9—台稉9號