A Coda: The Best Kimchi & a Beef Soup in Busan—終曲:釜山之非凡泡菜暨牛肉湯

Surprisingly, Japanese is much more useful than English in Busan, the largest port city in South Korea. After googling, the result makes sense that this city is so close to Japan, and it takes 1.5 hour from Osaka by plane, whereas it takes 3 hours from Fukuoka by ferry. By the way, I changed tourist information with an old lady, a lonely & kind backpacker from Kumamoto, on my way to Beomeosa, a must-see temple. Let's get back to foods. When A-Mao arrived in Busan by KTX, an alluring smell of beef was floating in the underground passage connecting Busan station to the opposite Chinatown, or Shanghai Street. I therefore was liked a rat hearing the march from "the Pied Piper of Hamelin" and found this restaurant. One of their young waitresses speaks Japanese well and suggested their beef soup. The kimchi is all-you-can-eat which the best kimchi is in my whole life.


From two jars, experienced A-Mao took a pair of scissors & a pincers to cut the daikon & cabbage kimchi. Firstly, it is spicy, spicy, and spicy! Secondly, it is juicy, tasteful, and balanced well with vegetables, pepper, salt, sugar & ocean flavor maybe comes from fish sauce or shrimp paste. Even though I was sweating a lot and might get a serious stomachache, I could not stop my hands & mouth. Finally, the beef soup stopped me. The broth is clear, flavorful but a little bit salty. Like the locals, I poured the bowl of rice into the soup for balance, and then it tasted so good that I composed this perfect meal as a coda of Korean cuisine in my 2007.


Cherry blossoms & CCTV—南韓真是CCTV大國啊