Hsu Pan Fried Stuffed Dumplings—許記生煎包


Fell in love with Hsu-Ji sheng-jian-bao, or pan fried stuffed mantou, more than 10 yeas before, A-Mao was a high school student, and then 3 pieces cost 10 NTD. Before leaving the R.O.C Air Force Band, he presented it to the other brothers in the army, and then 5 pieces took 20 NTD. Now, under financial tsunami, 5 pieces cost 30 NTD! The price is always increasing. But things not changed are thin bun dough, crunchy bottom, aromatic sauteed sesame, juicy stuff made from cabbage & pork as well as a crowd of buyers. Hsu sheng-jian-bao was inlaid into A-Mao's memory at random and is his old lover. Sometimes both of them would be in a flood of people to think of passing time.



番号札を取る—To take a number—去抽號碼牌吧